Party Services

In addition to our Karaoke and DJ services, we offer a personalized karaoke screen and customized karaoke request forms for your event at no cost to you 


Bar Services - Karaoke Night

 We provide the Host and equipment every week/month:

                                             *  2 to 4 Hours Week/Month                                                                                                     *  Customized Karaoke Screen/Books
                                             *  Library with over 30,000 songs updated monthly
                                             *  Can display the Karaoke lyrics on a TV


Bar Services - Quizzo/Trivia Night

We provide the Host and a NEW Trivia package every week:

                                             *  1 1/2 to 2 Hours a Week 
                                             *  6 Rounds/10 Questions Per Round
                                             *  Including Picture, Multiple Choice and Audio Rounds
                                             *  We can play a slideshow on your TV 

Some of our clients include: